We are looking to fill out the rest of the roles for Magical Tailoress. We are still writing out dialog so once aboard please be patient as the dialog is released in steps. We would prefer being paid on project completion (however we are working on paying out in increments to ease that)

We are working on launching a kickstarter:


The sample dialog can be obtained here in PDF form. it also includes the character bios. Click Here or Celestia above. She is hoarding the new dialog script.

The only characters we need filled right now is ‘Germond’, ‘Franwick’, ‘Baron’, ‘Dr Kiven’ and ‘Delmont’. 



If you’d like to see how the game plays for reference. You can find it here:


Magical Tailoress Casting Call #2

  • Tell us more about you.
    If your able to cover multiple characters check more than one here. but for the most part. Check the character your interested in casting.
  • Do you charge per line? per word? and how much?
  • Drop files here or
    Upload your casting recording here


The free option doesn’t mean we will use your voice for free. it’s a ‘availability and flexibility ‘ option.  We will still pay you. naturally. Those who want payment upfront will be chosen based on rate as well. Project completion is preferred.