Greetings everyone!

We are writing to give our usual status report on our current projects.


Project Survival, We are currently implementing various machines that processes resources that you find in your procedural generated worlds. There are deposits which you can mine by hand and there will be deep deposits which require a machine to obtain. These machines are then ‘set it and forget it’.   They automatically dig up ore at a set rate. You have to pipe it / route it / conveyor belt it to the next destination.

Other machines including processing ores into ingots / plates and more. Also working on the coal power generation building.  We have a lot of people interested in this project. We are open for assistance in modelling and music. contact us.


Magical Tailoress is still being worked on by a few of us. The core systems being fleshed out such as the battle system as well as the Airship battle system. Inspired by Skies of Arcadia’s airship battle system.  We will have more info about this system as the system is near completion.

Realms of Darkness the multiplayer section of the game is near completion. We will be updating the website here with it’s own dedicated section with game details.


Which project would you like to see first?

Coming Soon