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  We are looking to fill out the rest of the roles for Magical Tailoress. We are still writing out dialog so once aboard please be patient as the dialog is released in steps. We would prefer being paid on project completion (however we are working on paying out in increments to ease that) We […]

Game Studio Related News

Greetings everyone! We’re frequently being approached about submitting games for the OUYA platform. Our studio will still support the platform even though the servers are down. We will also begin the kickstarter for Magical Tailoress once the official logo is done for the game. We will also be upgrading the battle system for the Kickstarter […]

Officially launched the Patreon for Magical Tailoress

We have officially launched the Patreon for Magical Tailoress! We will be using this to initiate funding for Magical Tailoress. Spread the news and this link to as many places as you can. All funds 100% will go into the project and updates sent to our Patreon users. We will gladly accept feedback and […]

New travel outfit + Updated Battle Transition

  We’ve been spending countless hours working on updating the core game systems. Including re-outfitting Gabby here and animations.  (Ignore the Green compression ) We are almost done with the official website for Magical Tailoress. Also working on the Patreon. To raise funds for the Voice Artists, UI Artists, 3D Artist. I’ve also been testing […]

Back from some downtime

Greetings everyone! It’s been a while since we’ve posted.  Our studio has been busy with Magical Tailoress’ GDD, Taking in artists and currently looking for a 3D artist for NPC’s and important characters ingame. The voice over script is about 50% completed. We didnt get time to meet the deadline after so much was going […]

Follow Magical Tailoress on Facebook!

Hey everyone! We proud to announce our game Magical Tailoress facebook page which can be found here! Magical Tailoress. We will be doing a revamp for a official website as well as updating the logo. We are commissioning artists for this so if your interested please contact We want to start a community for […]

Voice Over Casting is now over + Preparing for Crowdfund

Thanks to everyone who has submitted their beautiful voices. We now will begin the choosing process of assigning roles to characters. Those chosen will get a detailed email.  Once again. We thank you again for submitting your voices to cast our characters for Magical Tailoress.   Our next step is crowdfunding. Since our goal is […]

Looking for story writers!

We are looking for a Storywriter / Dialog Creator for our game Magical Tailoress by our studio Blindside GameStudio. Distributed by Wildcard Studios. Someone who can detail characters through thoughtful description and fun dialog between characters. Someone who loves to write and can dedicate some time to the project. We will be opening up slots for writers very […]

Searching for the voice of our main character

We are looking for the voice of our main hero character for our game ‘Magical Tailoress’ Name: Gabrielle Cloutier Personality: Very friendly, Down to earth and soft spoken. Animated when excited. One wordy when scared. Voice Personality: French. Sample Dialog: Gabrielle: “Greetings there shopkeep. I know that you ‘ave some of your delicious bread in the […]

Current Progress on our Projects

Greetings everyone! We’ve had our hands full with the projects we have however a silent partner wanted us to work on very interesting project. Dubbed ‘From Darkness” Celestial Escape. Very much inspired by FTL but expands on the game with a more arcade action roguelike point of view. Up to 4 players can play on […]