Greetings everyone!

We’ve had our hands full with the projects we have however a silent partner wanted us to work on very interesting project. Dubbed ‘From Darkness” Celestial Escape. Very much inspired by FTL but expands on the game with a more arcade action roguelike point of view. Up to 4 players can play on a single ship in this couch co-op style gameplay of ship maintenance, hyperspace jumps, pirate raids and so much more.  We’ve already begun work on it.

Players work co-op on fixing ship issues, repairs, sieges and making critical decisions. There is no captain so a player must delegate that role to one of the other co-op players. Dialog is vote based. Your actions affect your team and ships outcome.

The main storyline is the Grey Goo Incident. Nanomachines that are wiping out the entire galaxy sector by sector…. in Realtime..  which means the longer you and your team sit at nodes  the quicker the nanomachines will come to destroy you and your ship.


A quick alpha shot of the GUI.  
The top is the hyperspace bar. Different ships
offer faster or slower hyper jump speeds. Dont get caught
with the grey goo behind you or pirates. You may
be caught up in a hyperspace battle.

Our goal is to ship this on Xbox One as well as Wii-U and Switch.


Project Survival is being worked on as well. Currently focused on preparing the network code for online play via LAN and Internet mode. Cant really show too much of the network code here.


We’ve hit a bit of a snag for Magical Tailoress. We need a 3D Artist to help design some NPC’s that fit the theme of the main character. If your interested please let us know. Contact us below.