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Cube Blitz is a puzzle game where your goal is to get the gems to the goal line at the bottom of the playfield. Utilizing the Wii-U’s GamePad  for most controls and breaking blocks with the touchpad


World of Music is a RPG based in a world where music is a way of life. Dark times come when a evil entity takes over with ‘strange’ intent. This title will be released on various platforms.

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You are strapped with a bomb and placed in a arena with other contestants. Each contestant has their own goal post and a gem that spawns in the field. Players take this gem to either their goal post or an enemy. If put in the enemy goal they shave off 20 seconds of the enemy time. put into the goal post of your own and you add 30 seconds.  The last man standing wins.


Sketch your way to victory in this highly competitive title where 5 players compete in a Singles match and a maximum of 20 people (5 per team) in a tournament match.


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Android Version:

Santa’s presents are missing and someone needs to recover them all!  Navigate multiple levels in this platformer on the android OS.



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WoM - Special Delivery

World of Music – Special Delivery was originally a Android title but was scrapped due to lack of interest. This project may get picked back up soon.


Play up to 4 players in this magical world of Melvar where your tasked to return the gems and stasis rune dolls back to their respective exits.


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Operation – Diffused is a party game involving the use of the HTC Vive hardware and multiple friends. You and your party are a team of professional bomb diffuse experts (Or hope it seems) and is tasked with diffusing various bombs at various difficulties.  The game features a Single Player campaign mode,  Multiplayer Party mode and multiple printable instruction manuals.

Realms of Darkness is a game that is played in two parts. The first part you can play a character avatar in search of ‘Sage Dungeons’ to retrieve ‘Crystals of Immense Power’ to fight back the Dark Sage that is infecting the land.  In this mode you must avoid traps placed by a SageMaster, Which leaves us to the second way you can play Realms of Darkness.

Magical Tailoress is a J-RPG style game that focuses on travelling merchants and mystical magical trinkets. Bargain with countries and villages but be careful who you bargain with. You may cause political strife and more. Unique and fun battle system akin to the classics such as Super Mario RPG with timed hits and more.

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Project Survival

Inspired by games such as Factorio, Sim City, Minecraft. In Project Survival you a single engineer crashed on a procedural planet of varying difficulty. Ranging from poisonous, lava filled to lush lands and aquatic worlds. Your tasked to create a civilization on the planet. Surviving all kinds of cataclysms such as Black Holes, Planetary disasters and more.  Multiplayer is coming soon.