Current Progress on our Projects

Greetings everyone! We’ve had our hands full with the projects we have however a silent partner wanted us to work on very interesting project. Dubbed ‘From Darkness” Celestial Escape. Very much inspired by FTL but expands on the game with a more arcade action roguelike point of view. Up to 4 players can play on […]

Project Survival Progress 10/1/2018

Greetings everyone! We are happy to announce some big updates to the game. Here is a short listing of some of the features: Built in Flashlight for night travel on the space suit Vehicle Creation Station for creating land and air vehicles Solar Day Counter Started work on the multiplayer aspects of the game (Very […]

Project Survival Testers Wanted

  Our survival sim game is looking for alpha testers to test current graphics settings and such to see about getting the best and smoothest gameplay on various hardware platforms. Our goal early-game is to optimize for the best or near-best 60fps if possible.   If your interested please register on our site here and […]

Good Afternoon! Game Dev News

  Greetings everyone! We’ve been fairly busy ironing out some major features for Project Survival. We’ve been working on the building system to allow for all kinds of bases lots of module pieces, electronics and much more. We want to give you the ability to make small homes to major factories. The next step is […]

IARC Ratings for Magical Tailoress

We have our official ratings from IARC about Magical Tailoress. Our goal is to get our games on as many platforms as possible. We DO plan to release on the WiiU. We dont have a Switch Dev Kit yet but once we do. We will aim for that platform as well.

Post Permissions

Greetings! We’ve been experimenting with a few plugins and some posts were not able to be seen. Sorry about that. That has been corrected. Please take a gander at our blog and game dev posts.

Project Survival Update

Update 2.7.8   We have been working extremely hard on Project Survival. The main goal is to tie in all the current systems in place to work flawlessly together. The main features as of current are the following: Health and Status Monitor The health bars at the bottom (Health, Food, Water, radiation exposure) and soon […]

New Forum and News

  Greetings everyone! We have updated our forum and discord info as well to provide means of communicating with us. We welcome everyone and would love to chat with you about our projects. We are still building the site up and eventually will replace the front page with something more.. snazzy pazzy. Our goal is […]

World of Music Brand, Our personal favorite

Greetings! We want to introduce you to Christi Sharp. She will be one of many mascots for  Blindside Games Studio and Wildcard Studios. World of Music started off as a 3D Platformer but evolved over the years as a partially complete project. We want to actually bring this project to light Lets not forget her […]

Blindside Games Jam?

Blindside Game Jam? It’s something we have toyed around with. We love game jams. And would love to host one. Maybe a reward is a bit of advertising your winning game on our twitter feed every once in a while?  Hmm..   What do you think?  Would you be interested in something like this?