Project Survival – Early Access

Crashed landed on a barren planet with instructions for creating a new ‘Earth’ your goal is to start from the basics and build your way up to a megalopolis. OR build your way off the planet as fast as possible.

Project Survival is a game bout surviving extinction level events on various planets. Inspired by games such as Factorio (Factory building and assembly), Minecraft (Freedom and sandbox) and Sim City (City building, in this case. planet colonization). There are random extinction level events in the game and requires planning ahead for any of them. Multiplayer is being worked on but at the moment focusing on CORE gameplay.

We want to make it so that you can play this game any way you want it. There will be medicine that can be administered that may possibly turn your people into zombies and now becomes a zombie survival. Or other players can join your world via ship and raid all of your resources and take it back to their world bringing in pvp.

Introducing Pollution on certain worlds will activate alien cells and introduce an alien invasion using custom AI thus giving you a ‘starship troopers’ style gameplay with the ability to research alien technology and bodies in a X-Com style way.

Events range from:


The game is in Early Access as we are raising funds to help build the game.

Publisher: Wildcard Studios
Developer: Blindside GameStudio

These event

Inspired by games such as Factorio, Minecraft and Sim City we want to bring you a game where you control every aspect of your planet. If you want to build industrial facilities and escape the planet? That is more than fine. Want to try your hand at raising a city ? The ability is there to construct homes, commercial, industrial and technological buildings you can.

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