Greetings everyone!

We are happy to announce some big updates to the game. Here is a short listing of some of the features:

  • Built in Flashlight for night travel on the space suit
  • Vehicle Creation Station for creating land and air vehicles
  • Solar Day Counter
  • Started work on the multiplayer aspects of the game (Very alpha. dont use at the moment)
  • Graphical Optimizations and Post Production to make things look a bit livelier.
  • Updated the building systems
  • Added oak saplings to grow oak tree’s.   Other saplings will be available soon

The only few systems we have to work with now is the food system. electricity, fluid pipe system. After that. We begin Phase II. The City-State mode. which uses some Sim City-like features to expand your city. We also want to start adding ‘Goal Modes or Achievements’ early.

Would you like to know more?