We are looking for the voice of our main hero character for our game ‘Magical Tailoress’

Name: Gabrielle Cloutier

Personality: Very friendly, Down to earth and soft spoken. Animated when excited. One wordy when scared.

Voice Personality: French.

Sample Dialog:

Gabrielle: “Greetings there shopkeep. I know that you ‘ave some of your delicious bread in the back and the butter with tha’ touch of honey. Do you think I can get a few slices for five silvers? ”

Shopkeep: “Your our number one customer. Tell ya what. I’ll give you a pack  this time for seven silvers. ”

Gabrielle: “Really? That is a great deal. Merci! Merci. *she does the exchange*. Your a real life saver you know that? I can always depend on you.



If you are interested in voicing our main character please get in touch with us! If you can provide us with a sample recording. We will get back with you asap.

Voice Over Submissions

  • Be sure to include your social media info and portfolio if you have one.