We have made March 27’th of 2020 the official launch date for the game. if we dont hit any roadblocks along the way we will definitely get that released.

We will be working on getting to all platforms including Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. We may do a Indiegogo fundraiser to assist in getting funds to make the March Deadline.

To assist us. We have setup our own store on Wildcard Studios GameCore site that we we get all the funds to help build the world. If you’d like to reserve a copy we will gladly throw in some extra tidbits.  For example if you do reserve a PC copy on our site we will give you a steam key (once we get the game on steam) for free. As well as possibly a Xbox One key (limited supply)

Key Chains!

Magical Tailoress keychains are now for sale and apparently the first batch has ran out according to Wildcard Studios. They will start taking back orders in a few days. As of current they have our main character Gabrielle and her sister Sara available.
















If your interested in getting these keychains please be sure to check out