Magical Tailoress – Celestia the Treasure Hunter.


We are very close to releasing a mobile app game spinoff of our game Magical Tailoress. Keeping the mechanics simple. You play as Celestia Velanis, A treasure hunter looking all over the land in search of 5 ancient runes. There are multiple procedurally generated locations to find treasure. avoid enemies and more.

We currently have a small team working on our IP spinoffs to bring revenue to our main projects.  We hope you like the product. If it is successful we may consider giving our other main characters their own spinoffs of the main game.



Magical Tailoress is slowly being worked on to ensure everything is up to order. Total gameplay as of current is 30 hours straight through no alternate quests and such.  We want to focus on the side quests that alter the main route of the game and even open up some unlockable secrets.


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