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Magical Tailoress – Celestia the Treasure Hunter

Magical Tailoress – Celestia the Treasure Hunter.   We are very close to releasing a mobile app game spinoff of our game Magical Tailoress. Keeping the mechanics simple. You play as Celestia Velanis, A treasure hunter looking all over the land in search of 5 ancient runes. There are multiple procedurally generated locations to find […]

Blindside Games News

Greetings and well met. We here at Blindside GameStudios are working to get a few games released. Goals are for the Nintendo Switch Platform and Xbox One (s,x,etc). Due to COVID we had to put our operations on hold.  We are slowly moving the pipelines for certain games. Due to recent events there have been […]

Artist Job Sign Up Page

We are actively looking for Pixel Artists.